Unit 4/5: The Formal Elements of ARt - and - Principles of Design -
Artwork is basically STRUCTURED , with the elements and principles unifying the different parts of the work therefore
giving the work a visual order. The ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES are used in combination and work together
to create a composition with good design.

Reference Site:

Key Terms: (See below)
Art Elements:
Line, Color, Shape, Form, Value, Texture, Space
Design Principles:
Unity, Variety, Emphasis, Balance, Movement, Rhythm, Proportion

Contour, Gesture, Sketch, Implied, Calligraphic
Color Theory and Harmonies:
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
Monochromatic (shades and tints)
Warm, Cool

Assignment: Part 1
Look at the DISCUSSION page and respond using concise definitions in your own words. Identify yourself (ex. lnicks) and C & P source link w/your answer.

Assignment: Part 2 - Timeline
The following images are to be loaded onto your timeline using proper documentation:
* Note: Title, Artist, Date, Location (museum and/or gallery) - do not list blogsite or Flickr as source
How does the image reflect the formal elements and/or design principles?
  1. LOVE, Robert Indiana
  2. The Red Studio, Henri Matisse
  3. The Peasant Dance, Pieter Breughel
  4. Red Poppy, Georgia O'Keefe
  5. Red, White, and Blue Skull. Georgia O'Keefe
  6. Autumn Rhythm, Jackson Pollack
  7. Cafferty, Robert Henri
  8. The White Horse, John Constable
  9. Amorpha: Fugue in Two Colors, František Kupka
  10. Cardinal Pietro Bembo, Titian

Line is an element of art that is used to define shape, contours, and outlines, and also suggests mass and volume. It may be a continuous mark made on a surface with a pointed tool or implied by the edges of shapes and forms.
Characteristic Of Line:**
  • Width- thick, thin, tapering, uneven
  • Length - long, short, continuous, broken
  • Direction: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curving, perpendicular, oblique, parallel, radial, zigzag
  • Focus- sharp, blurry, fuzzy, choppy
  • Feeling- sharp, jagged, graceful, smooth
Types Of Line:
  1. Outlines- Lines made by the edge of an object or its silhouette.
  2. Contour Lines- Lines that describe the shape of an object and the interior detail.
  3. Gesture Lines- Lines that are energetic, catching the movement of an active figure.
  4. Sketch Lines- Lines that capture the appearance of an object or impression of a place.
  5. Calligraphic Lines- Greek word meaning “beautiful writing.” Precise, elegant handwriting or lettering done by hand. Also artwork that has flowing lines like an elegant handwriting.
  6. Implied Line- Lines that are not actually drawn but created by a group of objects seen from a distance. The direction an object is pointing to, or the direction a person is looking at.